Diatex Spa with more than 20 years experience in diamond tools market, understood the importance and huge development of big ceramic slabs, and designed a range of diamond discs to cut these innovative materials.

It created Poker range of discs, that are GresCut, LapiCut, DekCut and FortyFive, developed to get an excellent cut on materials like Dekton, Lapitec, Laminam, Neolith, Kerlite, and more..

In order to guarantee the best performances, we created D-CODE, a device placed on the digitally printed discs core that allows, if scanned with your smartphone, to receive all the information and suggestions we recommend to get the best cut on big ceramic slabs.

D-CODE works exactly like a QR-CODE: it will allow you to download on your mobile device the general recommended RPM and speed for the Poker product you purchased.

For more information: info@diatex.it