Diatex S.p.A. designed a diamond blade for processing IDYLIUM slabs by BEST SURFACE.

DEKcut is the perfect disk for cutting IDYLIUM slabs in 6-8-12-20-25 and 30 mm. thickness and is available in:

  • Ø300×2,2×10 B=60/50 – Normal core
  • Ø350×3,0x10 B=60/50 – Normal/Silent core
  • Ø400×3,2×10 B=60/50 – Normal/Silent core
  • Ø450×3,6×10 B=60/50 – Normal/Silent core

Thanks to Sandwich segments, DEKcut allows an excellent finishing on the edge of the slabs without chipping or breakages.

cutting IDYLIUM slabs diatex

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