Diatex S.p.A has designed and developed a range of diamond discs for cutting large ceramic slabs.

FORTYfive is the reinforced body disk that thanks to the special design ensures greater stability in the machine, reducing vibrations especially when mitering and eliminating chippings on the slab.

The diamond segment, made with Sandwich technology, guarantees an excellent finishing and a high speed for cutting large slabs of Kerlite.

Available sizes:

  • Ø350×2.6×8 F=60/50
  • Ø400×2.6×8 F=60/50

FORTYfive is the recommended blade for straight and mitering Kerlite with a thickness of 3-3,5-5,5 mm.

For more information visit our online area dedicated to large ceramic slabs or contact us at info@diatex.it.