Diatex S.p.A., designed a complete range of diamond tools for processing MAXIMUS-MEGA SLABS by RAK CERAMICS.

This innovative surface is present in 3 different thicknesses 6-9-14,5 mm. and for this reason we suggest the following blades:

  • GREScut, suitable for customers that make mainly straight cut on 6-9-14,5 mm. slabs
  • FORTYFIVE, suitable for customers that make a lot of miter cut on 6-9 mm. slabs
  • MITERcut, suitable for customers that do a lot of 45° cutting on 14,5 mm. slabs

In add to the blades, these are the tools that we suggest for processing MAXIMUS SLABS:

  • Dry discs Ø105-115-125 mm.
  • Core drills Ø6÷150 mm.
  • Milling finger Ø19 – standard fitting 1/2 gas
  • Router for incremental cutting Ø10-17,5-20 – standard fitting 1/2 gas/M12
  • Polishing pads – only 3 steps (wet)

For more info, feel free to contact us at info@diatex.it or visit our CERISLAB page!