A diamond tool is composed by a synthetic diamond mesh and a bond obtained from different metals. Among these metals are cobalt, copper, molybdenum and nickel which, when dispersed in the environment in a certain quantity, can filtering into the water beds.

The reason why this happens is that during the cutting, rectifying and honing processes of a tile the diamond tool wears off consequently releasing tiny particles in the water coolant as well as in the residual sludge.

These elements are not either chemically or mechanically liable to be split from the sludge, and Diatex have developed a range of ECO-FRIENDLY, that reduce the negative impact on the environmental pollution.
Our ECO-FRIENDLY tools also offer a further important chance to the Ceramic industry: the possibility of 100% recycling the residual sludge converting it into raw-material for the production of new tiles.



Diamond tools for ceramic industry


Diamond tools for natural stone industry


Diamond tools for glass industry