Diamond tools for

GREScut diamond blade

GREScut is thedisk of Poker line dedicated to cut GEOLUXE large slabs.

Available in:

– Ø300×2,2×10 F=60/50 – Normal core

– Ø360×3,0x10 F=60/50 – Normal and Silent core

– Ø410×3,2×10 F=60/50 – Normal and Silent core

GREScut is suitable for cutting GEOLUXE slabs with thickness from 6 to 20 mm.

FORTYFIVE diamond blade

FORTYFIVE is the disk of the Poker line designed to obtain an excellent finishing with straight and 45° cut on GEOLUXE slabs.

Available in:

– Ø350×2.6×8 F=60/50 – Reinforced body

– Ø400×2,6×8 F=60/50 – Reinforced body

Suitable for 45° cutting on GEOLUXE until 12 mm. of thickness.



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