From 1996 leader


Diatex began its activity in 1996, through the contribution of its members, who were working since many years in the production of diamond tools. The company was born with the aim of producing the best tools for the customer requirements, by developing in the ceramic field, high performances tools to allow not only meeting the requirements, but also being competitive on the market.

Diatex grows in a short time, enhances the number of employees and in 2006 moves to the current headquarter, located in Via Firenze, Villaverla, where it is nowadays producing its diamond tools, and where it designs, on their own R&D department, products intended to work new materials.

sede diatex


Starting from 06/27/2019 DIATEX became part of SITI – B&T, a leading group in the supply of plants for the production of ceramic and quartz tiles.

Thanks to the synergy with SITI-B&T, Diatex has obtained greater support in terms of growth, ensuring an increasing quality of its tools, seeking “tailor-made” solutions to meet customer needs and continuing to provide a valid solution to reducing costs productive.

Thanks also to the SITI-B&T sales network and Ancora present with more than 10 branches around the world, Diatex has obtained greater logistical and commercial support in Mexico, Spain, Algeria, India, China, Egypt, Brazil and Indonesia, essential to allow an important boost to company exports.